Grades (9-12)

Did you know that the first ACT tests were given in 1959? At that time, each printed test score read, "these few digits, which represent your scores on ACT, may help you make decisions that will affect many aspects of your future." Let LTWN take off some of that pressure, and help your child excel at the ACT, an exam whose score is a major deciding factor in college acceptances and scholarship offers.


This completely virtual, semester-long program offers your high-schooler targeted coaching in the English and Reading sections of the ACT—a test that will help open the doors to your child’s colleges of choice. Our experienced educators teach through a diverse combination of materials, all of which we provide. Your child will complete weekly mini-lessons to help them build healthy test-taking and study habits outside of class, and they will also receive our strategy textbooks and digital testing materials. Even more, we offer proctored and timed practice tests. You can rest assured that your high-schooler will have a well-rounded and complete test-prep experience! 


Your high-schooler has the choice of partaking in the workshop for the Fall Semester (September—December), the Winter/Spring Semester (January—May), or the Summer Semester (June—July), with classes for Grades (9-12). We hold our weekly classes synchronously and remotely, and each lesson runs 90 minutes. Our instructors balance each lesson between lectures and discussions so that your child can astutely articulate  the task-testing skills that they learn and put them into practice. Every classroom is based on equity, with students getting equal amounts of engagement and individualized feedback inside of class, as well as on their lessons. This feat is made possible by our small class sizes, where every cohort exceeds no more than 10 students.


While we do not offer test prep on the Math or Science sections of the ACT, students who have studied with us have indicated that the English and Reading skills they gleaned through our workshop helped them to more easily read and respond to Science and Math word problems on the exam. Alumni of this program have frequently scored within the 32 and 36. For the 2020-2021 school year, two of our high-school workshoppers received total scores of 35 and 36 points!


Our success comes from analyzing your child’s baseline skills to understand their strengths, and how they can employ these strengths to overcome test-taking challenges. Perhaps the most important thing that we give our students is the confidence to succeed once they go off on their own. With us, your high-schooler will not only become a stellar test-taker, but they will also become someone who is determined to excel. We can’t wait to be a part of their journey and growth! BROCHURE


"I am happy to share that in the recent ACT, I secured a composite score of 35 which is a 4 point jump from my previous score. This score has qualified me for several ultra reach colleges on my list and hopefully, some scholarships too. Although I didn't do the SAT, it helped me a great deal to learn some cross test strategies as I found them to be a true game changer in the way I approached the questions and the test overall. I continue to recommend your class to anyone who will listen and I definitely have the results to back it up." — S.P. ?

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