Grades (K - 8)

Does your child enjoy…

  • Playing video or board games?

  • Watching movies?

  • Messaging friends?

  • Reading books?

  • Singing songs?


If so, then congratulations! Your child has the potential to become a great reader and writer. 


Our exciting and comprehensive year-round program offers your child (in any grade, K-8!) the ability to exercise and further improve their skills in reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, essays, speech & debate, and test prep*. During each session, your child will write their own creative work while delving into literary lessons with our experienced and lively teachers. Your child will complete a weekly mini-lesson, and by the end of each trimester, they will have finished a final portfolio—a testament to their hard work and creative spirit!


One of the best parts about our LTWN 360 Workshop is the small class size and individualized feedback that your child receives. Each cohort is topped off at 10 students to ensure that each student receives an equitable amount of instruction, and each class is dedicated to a specific grade level. (This means that your kindergartener will interact with other kindergarteners, and your eighth grader will learn with other eighth graders, and so on.) Every week, your child will receive thoughtful written feedback from our teachers to ensure that they are furthering their reading and writing skills to their greatest  potential. 


Our program runs for 11 months, from September to July, and we hold our weekly classes synchronously and remotely, with each lesson lasting for 75 minutes. Our instructors give your child the space to participate in an interactive, differentiated, and democratic approach to pedagogy—a dynamism that traditional class models don’t frequently get to implement. 


In this workshop, your child will find, form, and fine-tune their voice. They will gain confidence not only in their literary skills, but also in their ability to communicate and connect with others. Even more, because they read and write in a variety of genres, they will glean knowledge and applicable skills in all fields, like science, math, social studies, and beyond. Your child also develops a strong sense of accomplishment throughout our program, participating in weekly goal-setting and composing three total writing portfolios over the course of the whole year! You will be inspired by their improved aptitude in expressing themselves and the intrinsic motivation that they glean to continue pushing themselves beyond even their greatest abilities!


As the late and great Maya Angelou once said, “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” Here at LTWN, we hold Angelou’s words as a flame of truth. We are eager to see what your child can do today so that we may guide them to be their very best tomorrow.

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