Grades (K - 5)

In offering the LTWN Lite workshop, we believe and recognize that learning involves tremendous effort. That is why Lite keeps things light!

With this workshop, young writers (Grades K-5) get the opportunity to take ELA enrichment classes and take a light homework load home. Most of the learning and doing (work) occur during class time. All your child needs is a computer, an internet connection, and—most importantly—their enthusiasm!

LTWN Lite takes place during the school year, from September through May, with registration periods occurring in the late summer and the beginning of winter. The classes occur online, synchronously and remotely. Students get to participate in the core modules of Readers’, Writers’, and Grammar & Essays Workshops. Our weekly lessons run at a steadier pace, compared to our staple LTWN 360 class, which is more rigorous and assigns regular homework. 

While each Lite class is 75 minutes, every core lesson will be taught over the course of two sessions rather than one (another difference as compared with LTWN 360). All students get to participate in interactive classes, with opportunities to share their thoughtful writing, express their curious thoughts, and contribute to lively discussions. The rigor and depth of the courses, however, remains. Students simply complete the learning process over a longer period of time than those in LTWN 360, and with minimum assigned homework.

All student cohorts are split up based on their grade level, meaning kindergarteners learn with other kindergarteners, first graders with other first graders, and so on. Our small class sizes allow students to form bonds not only with their caring and experienced teachers, but also with one another. Beyond expanding upon knowledge and skills, Lite gives students lasting memories. 

In the words of the great writer, Goethe, “The limits of my language are the limits of my universe.” We are confident that LTWN Lite will widen the bounds of your child’s universe, and introduce them to even more possibilities for their future.

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