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The LTWN college admission essay service is a multi-step process that is designed to maximize the quality and the uniqueness of every one of your student’s college essays.

Before you read any further, we’d like to emphasize that we do not write any of your student’s essays but we will coach your student to write their absolute best essays. There is no better sense of pride than when the student can walk into the college of choice knowing that his/her words made the difference in the admission process.
We begin this by helping to generate unique material that illustrates core tenets of the student’s personality and aesthetically enhancing its presentation, while making sure their essays are one of the strongest components of the application.

Help from Start to Finish
No matter where you are in your essays, from brainstorming to the final polish, we’re here to help. Starting with helping you thematically answer your question, we’ll take your solid idea through the entire drafting process until the final parallelism addition or last grammar correction. When you sign up for essay assistance, you work one-on-one with your coach on all or some of your college essays depending on your needs.

Over the years, we have worked with students who have gained admissions and scholarships with unique essays into some of these prestigious institutions: Cornell, Carnegie-Mellon, University of California Berkeley, Georgia Tech, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Case Western Reserve, Purdue, Ohio State to name a few.

When a student signs up for our college admission essay service he/ she will expect to complete a common app essay (will be applicable to most colleges), a personal statement, six supplemental or scholarship essays. The cost of this service is $950 and in most cases this service will take care of all the essays that are required.If a student has more essays to write beyond the above set, we’ll have to charge additionally @ the rate of $75 - $100 per essay depending on the length of the additional essays.

“The coaches at LTWN are the absolute best and helped me thoroughly to plan and even to enjoy writing the nerve wracking college admission essays. Before I signed up for this coaching service, my parents and I were pretty clueless as to how to approach the various essays including common app, personal statement, supplemental, and scholarship essays. However, between June and mid-October of my senior year, I was completely done with all my essay requirements and thoroughly ready to submit my application for Early Decision/Early Action deadlines. The best part of this essay service is that I could work on the essays remotely and still get guidance and feedback on my essays periodically (the coaches provided great accountability and flexibility given the rigors of my academic and sports schedule) or I could avail a one on one time with a coach (I just needed only two such sessions, one at the beginning and one at the end for brainstorming and a final revision respectively). No gimmicks, no shortcuts, all you need is an attitude to learn from the experts in the field and a lot of your elbow grease for all the writing. – A proud student of LTWN currently studying at Carnegie-Mellon with a great scholarship.”— Happy Student

Our Approach


A perfect blend of academic and creative curriculum across all areas of English Language Literacy and Enrichment.


A unique methodology that combines classroom instruction by expert teachers followed by homework and timely feedback to maximize learning outcomes.

Small Group & 1:1 Instruction

Available in both formats based on the student’s individual needs .


Best in the industry for English language enrichment across all grades and learning styles as vouched by 1500 plus students and more.


A results oriented approach with periodic assessments and performance reporting.

Accountability & Mentoring

Unparalleled student accountability and mentoring for in-class work and homework.


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At Learn To Write Now, we believe that learning through writing helps students...

  • Organize their thoughts
  • Remember important information.
  • Search for evidence and solve problems.
  • Reflect on a wider range of perspectives.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively for specific purposes and audiences.
  • Facilitate students to acquire knowledge and deepen their understanding of the content in all school subjects.

LTWN’s motto is Write. Learn. Succeed and our overarching goal is…

  • To make every student proficient in all areas of literacy including reading, writing, listening, speaking, and test-prep.
  • To challenge every student to perform at the highest level of excellence.
  • To provide every student a proud platform to publish work inside and outside the workshop.
  • To inspire every student to fully enjoy the learning process by constantly providing them an effective and engaging purpose, audience, tools, and techniques.

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