Grades (2-3), (4-5), (6-8), & (9-12)

In the Readers’ Workshop, students will learn how to read and comprehend well using effective reading strategies and will also understand the nuances involved in critical and close reading.

The readers’ workshop with writing gives tools to help students who were once reluctant to read, the skills needed to become successful readers. Over the course of the session, students read, annotate, and analyze at least three – five grade level books and/or reading excerpts exploring different genres, authors, and texts. The program lays a great emphasis on the interaction between readers and text, an essential skill for any reader. Students learn to ask questions, make connections with prior knowledge and previously read texts, and ask questions to clarify faulty comprehension they recognize has occurred. Other reading strategies that students explore will include, Reread & Skim, Use Context Clues, Infer & Think Aloud, Locate Key Words, Make Predictions, Use Word Strategies, Visualize, Use Graphic Organizers, Evaluate Understanding, Summarize, Paraphrase, Annotate, Adjust Reading Rate (Pace), Reading Aloud etc.

“Taking the Readers’ workshop was an eye opener for me. Until I took it, I considered myself a voracious reader but only after taking the workshop I realized, it is not the quantity of reading but the quality of reading that matters most. While I still continue to read a lot, learning how to annotate, analyze, and comprehend the book or any reading material better has definitely increased my joy of reading. I really don’t think there is any other readers’ workshop as unique as this one.”— Happy Student

Our Approach


A perfect blend of academic and creative curriculum across all areas of English Language Literacy and Enrichment.


A unique methodology that combines classroom instruction by expert teachers followed by homework and timely feedback to maximize learning outcomes.

Small Group & 1:1 Instruction

Available in both formats based on the student’s individual needs .


Best in the industry for English language enrichment across all grades and learning styles as vouched by 1500 plus students and more.


A results oriented approach with periodic assessments and performance reporting.

Accountability & Mentoring

Unparalleled student accountability and mentoring for in-class work and homework.



  • For Summer Workshops, choose student's upcoming grade level.
  • For Fall, Winter & Spring Workshops, choose student's current grade level.

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At Learn To Write Now, we believe that learning through writing helps students...

  • Organize their thoughts
  • Remember important information.
  • Search for evidence and solve problems.
  • Reflect on a wider range of perspectives.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively for specific purposes and audiences.
  • Facilitate students to acquire knowledge and deepen their understanding of the content in all school subjects.

LTWN’s motto is Write. Learn. Succeed and our overarching goal is…

  • To make every student proficient in all areas of literacy including reading, writing, listening, speaking, and test-prep.
  • To challenge every student to perform at the highest level of excellence.
  • To provide every student a proud platform to publish work inside and outside the workshop.
  • To inspire every student to fully enjoy the learning process by constantly providing them an effective and engaging purpose, audience, tools, and techniques.

Founder & Director
Aruna Davis

  • B.S. in Engineering and MBA in MIS.
  • Writing Coach with 15 + years of experience.
  • Remembers the first and last names of most if not all of her 1500+ students.
  • Proud mom of a HS sophomore musician and a seventh grade gymnast.
  • PTA President & Active Community Volunteer.
  • Teen Mentor & Transformational Coach.
  • Avid Reader/Writer/Gardener.
  • One word that sums her up: MERAKI

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