Grades (2 - 11)


Is your child struggling to get the help they need inside the classroom? Alternatively, are they excelling in class, but not feeling challenged enough to improve their writing abilities? Learn to Write Now’s targeted One-to-One Coaching program can help!


Our One-to-One Coaching is a program that adapts to your child’s needs and…


  • Holds 60-minute online live 1-on-1 classes, weekly

  • Begins anytime, year-round, in Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer semesters

  • Extends lessons for 10 weeks between student and writing instructor

  • Offers sessions for Elementary, Middle, and High Schoolers

  • Caters to myriad meeting times to maintain flexible schedules

  • Supplies weekly mini-lessons as homework

  • Differentiates lessons to adapt to student needs

  • Provides individualized feedback weekly for each student

  • Tracks student progress through personalized study plans

  • Builds student confidence and curiosity beyond class

  • Bridges connections between the Humanities and STEM writing

  • Guides students in a variety of coaching suites

    • ACT, SAT or PSAT Test Prep

    • Honors/AP English

    • High School English Language Arts

    • Middle School English Language Arts

    • Elementary English Language Arts


As Socrates once said, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” Our One-to-One Coaching Suites help ignite your child’s flame by providing them the individualized attention they need to excel in building their reading, writing, and communication skills. From students who struggle with English Language Arts to those who are a couple of grade levels ahead, One-to-One Coaching is one of the best options for students to further their confidence and abilities, and continue kindling Socrates’ flame!

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