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As Socrates one said, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” Our One-to-One Coaching Suites help ignite your child’s flame by providing them the individualized attention they need to excel in building their reading, writing, and all around communication skills. From students who struggle with English Language Arts to those who are a couple of grade levels ahead, One-to-One Coaching is one of the best options for students to further their confidence in their abilities. There is no faster way to build literacy skills than through individualized attention.
Our targeted 1:1 Coaching program offers weekly tutoring sessions—with flexible hours—for your child, working with their strengths to help them work through any challenges in their learning. Our expert teachers provide a lesson on a given topic, catered to your child’s learning style, and according to your child’s coaching suite. Your child may also bring work from school that requires further elaboration. We offer the following coaching suites: (1) ACT, SAT or PSAT Test Prep, (2) Honors/AP English, (3) High School English Language Arts, (4) Middle School English Language Arts, and (5) Elementary English Language Arts. Your child will also complete a weekly mini-lesson to help them further their ELA skills outside of class. 
Your child leaves 1:1 sessions with a feeling of accomplishment. Each meeting is tailored to their needs, so they receive personalized study plans alongside progress tracking. Our teachers ensure that your child is setting measurable and doable goals, which allows them to move into more advanced material over the course of the entire program. Even more, they acquire more adept training in  annotating, note-taking, study skills, managing time, and critical thinking. Their coach is not only a mentor, but also a guide, who helps your child to access the motivation and drive to continue excelling and practicing even outside of their coursework.
You will be astonished by your child’s increased aptitude in writing and reading. Even more, they will truly flourish through the close bond that they develop with their instructor. They not only will create skills that they will keep for the rest of their life, but they will also make fond memories for their formative years! 

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