Grades (11-12)

Of literature, the French novelist, Marcel Proust, once said, “Reading is that fruitful miracle of a communication in the midst of solitude.” Through our AP English Language Classes, your child will not only strengthen their reading and writing skills for the AP Test, but they will also discover the literary conversations of which they are a part. 

This comprehensive and rigorous semester-long program immerses your child further into the worlds of fiction and nonfiction. With our expert instructors, your child constructs evidence-based analytic and argumentative essays around the rhetoric and themes in nonfiction texts. They also perform extensive literary analyses for fictional passages, arriving at a better understanding of literary devices, structure, style, and theme. Even more, your child writes expository, analytical, and argumentative essays, for which our teachers provide thoughtful and thorough feedback (as if they were actually taking the AP test)! Your child receives a weekly mini-lesson to help them build healthy literary and test-taking habits outside of class. With each new exercise, students grow into more efficient test-takers, arriving one step closer to getting the prized score of 5 on the AP test!

Your child has the choice of partaking in the workshop for the Fall Semester (September—December), the Winter/Spring Semester (January—May), or the Summer Semester (June—July), with classes for Grades (11-12). We hold our weekly classes synchronously and remotely, with each lesson lasting for 75 minutes. Our instructors give your child the space to participate in a dynamic and differentiated approach to pedagogy—a style frequently absent from traditional and larger class models. Every classroom is based on equity, meaning that students get equal amounts of engagement and individualized feedback, made possible by our small class sizes—every cohort being no more than 10 students.

Beyond helping your child excel in the AP English Language test, they gain important exposure to and engagement with introductory-level college English curriculum. They glean a new-found sense of confidence to read intentionally and participate in rigorous class discussions, which will be integral to your child’s success at university. In AP English, your child further molds their own style and writer’s voice—one that is critical and thoughtful, while being well-researched. They also deepen their understanding of the ways that writers create meaning and delight through literary, fictional texts

This class is the perfect complement to your child’s education, and we recommend they take AP English after our Honors/Pre-AP Classes for Grades (9-10). With this combination, your child is certain to become a college-ready reader. We are eager to help them not only tackle the AP English Language test, but also nourish their affinity for the expansive and eye-opening world of literature. 

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