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While many students can get a perfect GPA and SAT score, only your child can write their own unique college essays. Though Personal Statements/Main Essays and Supplemental Essays remain the deciding factor in college admissions, most students haven’t a clue as to how to begin writing. Learn to Write Now can help resolve this dilemma! With LTWN’s College Admissions Essay (CAE) Workshops, students can create even more memorable college applications, while also learning writing skills that will aid them in future endeavors!

LTWN offers two different workshops: CAE1 and CAE2, which hold class sessions in the summer and fall. Each session conducts a 75-minute, weekly class for eight total weeks, and the lessons are online and live. Students may select to enroll in either the CAE1 or CAE2 Workshops, or they may register for both (as many high schoolers do)! In the workshops, our expert instructors seek to maximize the quality and the uniqueness of your child’s college application. We want to assist high school seniors with writing the absolute best essays, which, besides helping them gain entry into competitive universities, will also aid them in understanding who they are academically, personally, and professionally!



Students who register for the CAE1 Workshop will study and work on the following elements of the application process:


  • Brainstorming, writing, and revising Personal Statements/Main Essays 

  • Organizing, composing, and polishing Activity Lists 

  • Structuring, wording, and finalizing Resumes 

  • Selecting, drafting, and sending Recommendation Letter Requests


In addition, our instructors provide written feedback on drafts of the Personal Statement/Main Essay, as well as the Activity List, that students write. 



High school seniors in the CAE2 Workshop gain exposure and practice in these important components of the college application: 


  • Brainstorming, writing, and revising the… 

    • "Why this College?/Why Us?" Essay

    • "Why this Major?" Essay

    • "Community" Essay

    • "Challenge/Leadership" Essay

  • Researching, Adapting, and Editing College-Specific Supplemental Essays

Moreover, our instructors provide written feedback on drafts of the “Why this College/Why Us?” “Why this Major?” “Community,” and “Challenge/Leadership” Essays, in addition to two College-Specific Supplemental Essays.

Whether or not your high school senior decides to take one workshop instead of both, the outcome of their application relies on their self-motivation and time management. In this sense, the CAE Workshops run like a college classroom. Our instructors provide time and feedback to students who complete the assigned tasks. Students who do not complete their essays when assigned will not be hounded, as their lack of effort has communicated that they wish not to utilize the time or resources of the program. For this reason, we vet students before admitting them to either or both of the CAE Workshops to ensure they wish to participate completely.

As a disclaimer, we do not write any of your child’s essays, as it is unethical, illegal, and sets up students for future failure. However, we will mentor them in writing exemplary essays so that they may find their unique voice and put their best foot forward. Our dedication to authenticity ensures that your child walks into their college of choice, knowing that their words made the difference in the admission process.

Over the years, we have worked with students who have gained admissions and scholarships with outstanding essays into these prestigious institutions, amongst many others:

Brown University

Stanford University

Case Western Reserve University

University of California, Berkeley

Cornell University

University of California, Los Angeles

Carnegie Mellon University

University of California, San Diego

Dartmouth College

University of Chicago

Emory University

University of Illinois at Chicago (GPPA)

Georgetown University

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Harvard University

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Indiana University (Kelley School)

University of Pennsylvania

New York University

University of Texas, Austin

Northwestern University

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ohio State University

Vanderbilt University

Princeton University

Washington University in St. Louis

Purdue University

Yale University


No matter which school becomes your child’s new home, we would consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of their exciting journey!


The coaches at LTWN are the absolute best and helped me thoroughly to plan and even to enjoy writing the nerve-wracking college admission essays. Before I signed up for this coaching service, my parents and I were pretty clueless as to how to approach the various essays including common app, personal statement, supplemental, and scholarship essays. However, between June and mid-October of my senior year, I was completely done with all my essay requirements and thoroughly ready to submit my application for Early Decision/Early Action deadlines. The best part of this essay service is that I could work on the essays remotely and still get guidance and feedback on my essays periodically (the coaches provided great accountability and flexibility given the rigors of my academic and sports schedule) or I could avail a one on one time with a coach. No gimmicks, no shortcuts, all you need is an attitude to learn from the experts in the field and a lot of your elbow grease for all the writing.

– A.P., Class of 2020

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