Grades (2-3) & (4-5)

Did you know that the average classroom size, per teacher, in the United States is 22 students? The CogAT and Iowa Assessment exams can help place your child into a gifted program, where they will have access to advanced class material and personal support during their elementary years. CogAT and Iowa Assessments are the perfect opportunity for your child to stand out amongst the 22—to get the individualized attention that every student deserves. 

This comprehensive semester-long course helps your child master the most difficult parts of the CogAT and Iowa Assessment tests—the Verbal Reasoning and Reading portion, respectively—by providing them effective test-taking strategies and a series of practice-tests. Your child will also receive a weekly mini-lesson, which our seasoned teachers will provide to help your child build healthy test-taking and study habits outside of class.

Your child has the choice of partaking in the workshop for the Fall Semester (September—December), the Winter/Spring Semester (January—May), or the Summer Semester (June—July), with classes for Grades (2-3) and (4-5). We hold our weekly classes synchronously and remotely, with each lesson lasting for 75 minutes. Our instructors give your child the space to participate in a dynamic and lively approach to pedagogy. Every classroom is based on equity, with students getting equal amounts of engagement and individualized feedback, made possible by our small class sizes—every cohort exceeding no more than 10 students.


Taking our preparatory course helps your child to easily comprehend the Verbal Reasoning section of CogAT, which requires students to search, retrieve, and compare information in a text. Our class also prepares your child to adeptly grasp the test elements of Verbal Classification, Sentence Completion, and Verbal Analogies. All in all, they widen their scope of vocabulary, reading comprehension, and word relationships


Similarly, our class supports your child in Iowa Assessment Reading portions such as Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Word Analysis, Spelling, etc. While our class helps your child build practical skills, they also gain confidence by mastering the ability to search for, identify, and articulate information with ease.


As the great Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” At LTWN, we help your child to believe in their dreams and to challenge themselves. Through our CogAT and Iowa Assessment program, your child will get the support they need to continue making memorable learning experiences that they will carry into their adolescent and young adult years.

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