Grades (2-3), (4-5), (6-8) & (9-11)

As the diarist Anne Frank so aptly put it, “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” Here at LTWN’s Creative Writing Workshop, we help your child continue building their courage, voice, and imagination.
This fun and comprehensive semester-long program nourishes your child’s creativity and wonder through a series of classes focused around the genres of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and memoir. Your child not only creates original pieces, but they also share their work with others. They receive a weekly mini-lesson, which offers strong model texts and engaging activities. By the end of each semester, your child will have finished a final portfolio—an ode to their hard work and creative spirit! We have had the pleasure of teaching myriad students in our Creative Writing Workshop—from the most reluctant writers to those who will gladly wax poetic. 
Your child has the option of participating in the workshop for the Fall Semester (September—December), the Winter/Spring Semester (January—May), or the Summer Semester (June—July). We hold our weekly classes synchronously and remotely, with each lesson lasting for 75 minutes. Our seasoned instructors give your child the opportunity to engage within an interactive and participation-based classroom. Even more, we believe that every child deserves an equitable amount of instruction, and for this reason, we maintain small class sizes and offer students individualized feedback. We top off each cohort at no more than 10 students, who will all be working with peers within their age range, with classes for Grades (2-3), (4-5), (6-8) & (9-11).
While technical and academic writing skills are important for students to master, they often require the ability to be told within a story or a specific context. Our Creative Writing Workshop teaches your child the importance of narrative and engaging language—which allows them to both express themselves and also reach better and newer understandings about who they are. Your child moves further along in their journey of self-actualization and comes to see the world anew, reimagining their relationship to all of its curiosities! Even more, this class provides your child the capacity to become a more effective communicator and is a must for students who are learning to connect with their peers and articulate their ideas to larger audiences. Presenting one’s creative writing is often one of the most effective ways for students to become sociable and interact with others easily and sincerely. Lucky for you, this class offers myriad opportunities during every session for your child to perform their creative work in front of their classmates.

You will be astonished by your child’s increased interest in storytelling and language, as well as their ability to play with words! Through our workshop, they develop a strong foundation for the theory and practice of creative writing—knowledge that will transfer into all endeavors that they pursue, even if those opportunities take them to the sciences! 

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