Grades (9-10)

As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” Here at LTWN, we pass these words along to encourage our students and show them that we will always meet them where they are at and push them to test the boundaries of their ambitions. 


Through our Honors and Pre-AP English Classes, we adapt to your child’s skill levels, helping them become even more adept readers and writers. This comprehensive and immersive semester-long program gives your child a head start to excel in high school English classes. Our program is one that… 


  • Holds 75-minute online live classes, weekly

  • Runs for Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer semesters

    • Fall Semester is 4 months, from September to December

    • Winter/Spring Semester is 5 months, from January to May

    • Summer Semester is 2 months, from June to July

  • Offers courses for High Schoolers, Grades (9-10)

  • Maintains small class sizes at 10 students, maximum

  • Supplies weekly mini-lessons as homework

  • Teaches text analysis for fiction and nonfiction, focusing on…

    • Literary Devices, Theme, Rhetoric, and Argument, and more

  • Offers individualized feedback weekly for each student

  • Engages students in class discussion with seasoned educators

  • Expands upon strategies for deep writing, reading, and thinking

  • Builds student test-taking habits beyond class

  • Bridges connections between the Humanities and STEM writing

  • Introduces tactics and practice for AP-level multiple-choice questions

  • Elaborates on constructing essays for AP-level tests

At LTWN, your child gains the necessary knowledge to succeed in advanced high school literature classes, and more importantly, they build the confidence to read texts actively and articulate ideas clearly. This class is the perfect first step for your child to become a college-ready reader—with the second step being our AP English Language Class for Grades (11-12). We are eager to help your high-schooler tackle the AP test and grow their interest in the vast and diverse world of literature.

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