Grades (7-8)

When your eighth-grader takes the PSAT 8 test in October, they will be competing for admissions into high school Honors-level classes; our PSAT Prep Workshop looks to provide your child not only the test prep necessary to get into these classes, but also the critical reading skills that will guarantee their success in all subjects throughout high school. Overall, your child will be leaving this course with a sense of pride and newfound confidence that they will carry into their futures. 

This comprehensive semester-long course helps your child master the most challenging portions of the PSAT exam, as well as increase their chances to score well on the series of PSAT tests, which would lead them to be admitted into Honors classes, excel at the SAT, or awarded a National Merit Scholarship—respectively.  Our experienced instructors teach and provide your child a weekly mini-lesson to help them build healthy test-taking and study habits outside of class. We supply all textbooks and digital testing materials, so rest assured that we have covered every base! Even more, our practice tests offer valuable approximations as to your child’s potential performance on the SAT, a test that will help them get into the most elite universities when they apply for college in the coming years. The exam also qualifies many high-scoring students to become National Merit Scholars. 

Your child has the choice of partaking in the workshop for the Winter/Spring Semester (January—May), or the Summer Semester (June—July), with classes for Grades (7-8). We hold our weekly classes synchronously and remotely, with each lesson lasting for 90 minutes. Our instructors balance each lesson between formal lectures as well as a participation-based classroom environment so that your child has the chance to flourish in a dynamic setting. Every classroom is based on equity, with students getting equal amounts of engagement and individualized feedback, made possible by our small class sizes—every cohort exceeding no more than 10 students.

Although the PSAT tests all cover similar concepts and question types, the exam expands on the reading material, question amount, and answer time for every higher grade. If you are looking for test preparation regarding the PSAT 9/10 or the PSAT/NMSQT, we recommend taking our even more adept SAT workshop.

As Winston Chruchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” At LTWN, we help your child to be brave under stress and to persist in challenging themselves. Through our PSAT Prep Workshop, they will get the support they need to continue making memorable learning experiences throughout their adolescence and young adult years.

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