Grades (2-3), (4-5), (6-8), & (9-10)

What do spiders, heights, and public speaking all have in common? Three-quarters of the human population is scared of them! The fear of public speaking even has a name: glossophobia. Whether your child shies away from the stage or soaks up the limelight, our Speech & Debate Workshop here at Learn to Write Now can help them flourish to become the orator that they are destined to be!


LTWN’s Speech & Debate Workshop is a program that…


  • Holds 75-minute online live classes, weekly

  • Runs for Fall, Winter/Spring and Summer semesters

    • Fall Semester is 4 months, from September to December

    • Winter/Spring Semester is 5 months, from January to May

    • Summer Semester is 2 months, from June to July

  • Offers courses for multiple grade levels, Grades (2-3), (4-5), (6-8) & (9-10)

  • Maintains small class sizes at 10 students, maximum

  • Assigns weekly mini-lessons as homework

  • Provides individualized feedback weekly for each student

  • Sets up in-class speech opportunities for students

  • Coordinates one-on-one and team debates during class

  • Engages students in class discussion with seasoned educators

  • Builds student awareness of body language, gestures, and tone

  • Bridges connections between the Humanities and STEM speaking

  • Teaches lessons around the elements of 

    • Structuring arguments

    • Preparing debate cases

    • Researching evidence

    • Writing speeches

    • Delivering speeches

    • Analyzing speeches and debates


This course builds upon your child’s social and organizational abilities to foster confident and thoughtful speakers. As a result, many previous students often want to come back! The sense of independence gleaned from this course will follow your child throughout their adolescence and even their adulthood. 


As Ralph Waldo Emerson once aptly put it, “All great speakers were bad speakers at first.” At LTWN, we are eager to meet your child at their level and inspire their talent for speech!

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