Grades (2-3), (4-5), (6-8), & (9-11)

What do spiders, heights, and public speaking all have in common? Three-quarters of the human population is scared of them! The fear of public speaking even has a name: glossophobia. Whether your child shies away from the stage or soaks up the limelight, our Speech & Debate Workshop can help them flourish to become the orator and performer that they are destined to be!
Our engaging and comprehensive semester-long program teaches your child the writing and presentation skills necessary to speak in front of audiences and debate with fellow students. Each class session presents them with an opportunity to deliver speeches, as well as partake in rigorous (but friendly!) one-on-one and team debates. Your child gains exposure to different types of speeches as seen through TED Talks or addresses given to the United Nations. At the same time, they analyze and perform Lincoln-Douglas debates and learn proper debate structure. Body language and tone becomes key in this class, so your child will grow to understand the importance of adding meaning to their words via inflection and movement. They will complete a weekly mini-lesson to prepare for the following class sessions.
Your child has the option of participating in the workshop for the Fall Semester (September—December), the Winter/Spring Semester (January—May), or the Summer Semester (June—July). We hold our weekly classes synchronously and remotely, with each lesson lasting for 75 minutes. Our specialized and lively instructors give your child the space to participate in an interactive and engaging approach to pedagogy. Even more, we keep small class sizes and offer individualized feedback. We top off each cohort at no more than 10 students, who all work with peers within their age range.
Public speaking and communication skills are integral to future success, no matter the endeavor or field. At LTWN, your child builds upon their pre-existing oratory skills in order to boost their confidence and self-esteem when performing in front of and with others. Our teachers provide your child lessons on structuring arguments, preparing debate cases, researching evidence, as well as writing and delivering speeches. Your child also analyzes speeches and examples of successful talks and debates. Their critical thinking skills will improve, as will their ability to provide thoughtful yet constructive feedback. This course builds upon an integral aspect of your child’s social and organizational abilities, and it is a must for fostering confident and thoughtful speakers (a benefit in any endeavor that your child will pursue)! Many of our previous students who have taken this class often want to come back! The sense of independence gleaned from this course will follow your child throughout their adolescence and even their adulthood!
As Ralph Waldo Emerson once aptly put it, “All great speakers were bad speakers at first.” At LTWN, we are eager to meet your child at their own personal levels and inspire their hunger and talent for speech. 

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